Site Selection FAQs

My company/organization has been choosing our own venues, why use an outside firm?

Remember the days where the best possible travel deals were through your neighborhood travel agent, rather than trying to book them yourself?  We know that’s no longer the case for airline tickets, but it is the case for conference and event booking!
After seeing too many of our clients come to us with unfavorable event contracts, we became certified with the International Travel Association Network, so that we could ensure our clients were maximizing their contract terms and incentives, while minimizing risk and costs.  Now we use our buying power, relationships and unparalleled negotiating techniques for a wide range of conventions, non-profits organizations and companies.  Our priority is to get you exactly what you want, with the most favorable terms in the industry.

How can you save my company/organization money?

Because we have negotiated hundreds of venue contracts, we have both the relationships and the industry knowledge that directly leads to savings for your bottom-line: contract terms such as food & beverage, a/v, sleeping rooms, room rentals and more.
Our first step is to get to know you, your company/organization and your vision for the conference. Our team will do all the legwork and present you with a full range of options. Our extensive scouting process saves you and your team valuable time, so you can work on maximizing your event attendance and sponsorships. We know time is money, and money is money- and our site selection services will save you both!

How much does this service cost?

Our involvement with professional associations such as the International Association of Travel Agents grants us the feasibility to provide this service at a low cost, or at no cost, to our clients.  Final pricing depends on the exact nature of your event/s, but we will clearly outline any fees upfront.  

Will using BDI’s site selection services cost my organization or attendees more money?

Absolutely not!  Industry incentives make it possible for you to enjoy maximum savings with no added costs to your organization or attendees.  The incentives are available at conference venues to use a service like ours, and your cost doesn’t change whether you use them or not.  So, why not?

We already use a similar service, what makes BDI Events a better choice?

Because the root of our business is working with non-profit organizations, we are very familiar with the importance of being budget-conscious, while not sacrificing quality. It’s this approach that governs our work every day. No matter what the size of your budget, we believe that every organization and company is entitled to the best possible terms on their venue agreements. BDI is big enough to have relationships with all major venues and companies across North America, but small enough so that you know your event is our top priority!

I’d like to see the venue options before making a final decision.  How does that work?

Once we have narrowed down possible venue options through our customized outreach methods, we will work with you and your team to set up site visits that surpass your expectations.  We partner with hotel partners, tourism boards and convention & visitor bureaus to create the best possible trip to each city that you are exploring.  Often, this includes show tickets, free hotel room nights, decadent dinners and more!  We will accompany you on the trip, evaluate all the options, and present you with a complete report to help you make the final decision of which property is right for you.

Will I still have final say over all terms and final agreement?

Absolutely!  Our services save you the time and hassle of calling, recalling, and sometimes downright stalking venues for the info you need. But, all decisions, and the final decision, are in your hands.  Our job is simply to make the process as easy, efficient, rewarding and affordable as possible.